Los Alamos, CA

a wonderful–albeit seemingly locals-only secret–outpost of wine and fun in Los Alamos

a wonderful–albeit seemingly locals-only secret–outpost of wine and fun in Los Alamos

A lucky find, stumbling across this little tasting room and wine bar looking frantically for gas before running empty…

Cello Joe


Hidden Splendor

Hidden Splender

A bit of colorful splendor in a dormant iron fountain covered in a veneer of rust.

I find a great of irony in this image.  The first twist is that a water feature is universally its most glorious when it does what it was crafted to do-dance with water-and yet I found that this fountain to be quite at peace with itself, even without its dance partner.  The day will very soon come that this gem of a fountain again is reunited with its partner but today there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of self-loathing.  This oft-overlooked fountain has taken inspiration from the also-solo sun above and makes the best of day, expressing its own personal glory.

The second twist-far more humorous then the first-is that this vision was captured in the front of a well known Seattle-based coffee retailer known for choking out the subtle nuances of its art.  This fountain is almost mocking the Mermaid, displaying in the form of its signature to-go coffee cups, that there is no need to destroy the intrinsic character to improve it, one simply needs to let nature do the work.  If a rusty iron fountain without its soulmate can be vivacious, so can a cup of beloved coffee…



Today, I give great thanks for my muse, my wife, and my best friend.  This beautiful woman and truly amazing soul is my guiding light and life-force.  I can not imagine how I would be able to inject so much passion and energy into my work without her in my life.  Love this deep is so rare, I must be the luckiest person on earth and in heaven to have met you more than five years ago…