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Vivid Life

Live a Vivid Life,

Live a Mindful Life,

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Live a Life inLove.




Today, I give great thanks for my muse, my wife, and my best friend.  This beautiful woman and truly amazing soul is my guiding light and life-force.  I can not imagine how I would be able to inject so much passion and energy into my work without her in my life.  Love this deep is so rare, I must be the luckiest person on earth and in heaven to have met you more than five years ago…

My Muse

My Muse

As I set out to do more with my art beyond storing it on a computer, I feel it’s only fair to publicly acknowledge the source of my inspiration, my muse.  This beautiful woman and extraordinary soul has been there with me since the very day we met, encouraging me to follow my passions.  Fittingly, this work, Nique on Fire, was my very first to employ the technique I most commonly use today of combining photography and digital painting.  Without the woman portrayed in this piece, I would not be the man, the father, or the artist I am today.

Jj, I love you dearly and will always appreciate the life you selflessly breathed into my soul every day.