What’s in a Name

I foresee a great many questions as to why I chose Yellowhaus as the name for a blog showcasing my art.  The nexus of Yellowhaus is attributed to one of my very best friends, Greg Walker and lots of adult beverages.  Several years ago, we were working on a project that was to be a site where photographers and artists would collaborate and inspire one another to better their craft.  As we were trying to come up with a name, Yellowhouse resonated with him because of his many travels to Europe, seeing and being greatly moved by Vincent van Gogh’s yellow house of Arles.  This house was a living, breathing studio where artists of all media would come together around food and drink and discuss not only their collective work but also opine on society, religion, and love.  This wonky yellow building was a center of creative energy, eating, drinking, and being merry.  This was a place of inspiration for all who had the pleasure of spending their days.

With this unfettered passion for life in mind, I adopted the moniker Yellowhaus.  I hope the name now makes sense to you as no other name now makes sense to me.



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